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Formally known as Kidder Metalworking. Founded in 1902, Kidder is the leading manufacturer of notching machines, combination presses, universal presses and brakes. Our various notchers and presses can be used to perform the following operations: notching, pipe notching, coping, punching, bending, squaring, trimming and shearing. Over 100 years of experience is built into every Kidder product using only the best materials and components.

Kidder machines are available in both manual and hydraulic configurations. Tooling, blades, and attachments are available for all Kidder machines as well as competitors machines. Additionally, we have full tool making capabilities. These capabilities include tool design and manufacture for all types of Presses, Notchers, and other machines.

All Kidder machines, tooling, blades and attachments are manufactured in our own facility in Vermont, USA (never outsourced). We at Kidder Metalworking believe that durability should be measured in decades, not years! Let our history work for you.

We ship to North, Central, South America and the Caribbean region as well the Europe.

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Kidder Metalworking is a full line manufacturer of sheet metal machines.Including notchers, presses, custom machines and custom tooling. Kidder machines are both hand and hydraulically powered machines.

Tool & Die

Complete machine shop.
Specializing in punches and dies for sheet metal Jig and fixture manufacturing and design. Ability to manufacture Complex Custom Tooling
Tooling design recommendations and planning available.


Fully equipped fabrication shop. Ability to do both stainless and mild steel from 9 gage up with a full welding shop. Ability to manufacture complex tight tolerance welds to precision.

Full machine shop

CNC and Manual Machines

Heat Treat

Heat treat capabilities on site. These include oil and water tempering as well as induction.